18 - O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright

O Morning Star, how far and bright!
You shine with God’s own truth and light,
A glow with grace and mercy!
Of Jacob’s race, King David’s Son
Our Lord and Master, You have won
Our hearts to serve You only!
Lowly, holy! Great and glorious, all victorious
Rich in blessing! Rule and might o’re all possessing
Lord, when You look on us in love,
At once there falls from God above
A ray of purest pleasure.
Your Word and Spirit, flesh and blood
Refresh our souls with heav’nly food.
You are our dearest treasure!
Let Your mercy Warm and cheer us!
O draw near us!
For You teach us God’s own love through
You has reached us!
Almighty Father, in Your Son!
You loved us, when not yet begun
Was this old earth’s foundation!
Your Son has ransomed us in love
To live in Him here and above:
This is Your great salvation.
Alleluia! Christ the living, to us giving
Life forever, Keeps us Yours and fails us never!
O let the harps break forth in sound!
Our joy be all with music crowned,
Our voices gaily blending!
For Christ goes with us all the way-
Today, tomorrow, everyday!
His love is never ending!
Sing out! Ring out! Jubilation! exultation!