224 - Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Seek ye first the kingdom,
‘Tis your Father’s will
So the voice of Jesus bids us follow still.
Savior, we would hear Thee,
Follow, find, and see;
And in life’s adventure
Thy disciples be.
As for hidden treasure,
Or for matchless pearl,
When at last discovered, some will sell their all:
So, when breaks the vision of that kingdom fair,
Ours shall be its riches
And its beauty rare.
As the silent leaven works its secret way,
Or as grows the seed grain through the night and day;
Lord, so be the increase, peaceable but sure,
Of Thy word within us,
And Thy kingdom’s power
As the tender seedling grows up tall and strong,
And the birds of heaven to its branches throng;
So shall all God’s children, from the east and west,
Gather to His kingdom, In its shadow rest.
Humblest shall be greatest, poor in spirit reign;
Home shall come the childlike, born through Thee again;
Eager hearts arrive there on the pilgrim’s road,
Hail! The kingdom glorious
Of the living God!