231 - Blest Be the King

Blest be the King whose coming
Is in the name of God!

For Him let doors be opened,
No hearts against Him barred!
Not robbed in royal splendor,
In power and pomp comes He;
But clad as are the poorest,
Such His humility.
By those who truly listen
His voice is truly heard;
Pity the proud and haughty,
Who have not learned to heed
The Christ who is the promise,
Who has atonement made.
He only to the humble
Reveals the face of God.
All power is His, all glory!
All things are in His hand,
All ages and all peoples,
Till time itself shall end.
He offers to the burdened
The rest and grace they need,
Gentle is He and humble!
And light His yoke shall be,
For He would have us bear it,
So He can make us free!