594 -  Heir of the Kingdom

Heir of the kingdom, O why dost
thou slumber?
Why art thou sleeping so near thy
blest home?
Wake thee, arouse thee, and gird on thine armor,
Speed, for the moments are hurrying on.

Heir of the kingdom, say, why dost
thou linger?
How canst thou tarry in sight if the prize?
Up, and adorn thee, the Savior
is coming;
Haste to receive Him descending
the skies.

Earth’s mighty nations, in strife
and commotion,
Tremble with terror, and sink in dismay;
Listen, ‘tis nought but the chariot’s
loud rumbling;
Heir of the kingdom, no longer delay.

Stay not, O stay not for earth’s vain allurements!
See how its glory is passing away;
Break the strong fetters the foe hath bound o’er thee;
Heir of the kingdom, turn, turn
thee away.

Keep the eye single, the head
upward lifted;
Watch for the glory of earth’s coming King;
Lo! O’er the mountain tops light is
now breaking;
Heir of the kingdom, rejoice ye
and sing.