642 - We Praise Thee With Our Minds

We praise Thee with our minds, O Lord,
Kept sharp to think Thy thought;
Come, Holy Ghost grace outpoured,
To teach what Christ hath taught.
In all our learning may we seek
That wisdom from above
Which comes to all: the brave, the meek
Who ask in faith and love.

We praise Thee thro’ our bodies,
Lord, Kept strong to do Thy will;
Thy Spirit’s temples,. Which afford
A means to praise Thee still.
We give ourselves, a sacrifice,
To live as unto Thee;
For Thou alone hast paid the price
To bring salvation free.

We praise Thee in our hearts,
O King Kept pure to know Thy ways;
And raise to Thee a hymn to sing
Eternally Thy praise.
Altho adoring hearts will bow
As age on ages roll;
We praise Thee in our beings now,
Mind, body, heart and soul.