These are the words of the Lord God:
Now I myself will ask after my sheep
and go in search of them.

As a shepherd goes in search of his sheep
when his Hock is dispersed all around him,
so I will go in search of my sheep and rescue them,
no matter where they were scattered
in dark and cloudy days.

I will bring them out from every nation,
gather them in from other lands,
and lead them home to their own soil.

I will graze them on the mountains of Israel,
by her streams and in all her green fields.
I will feed them on good grazing-ground,
and their pasture shall be the high
mountains of Israel.

There they will rest, there in good pasture,
and find rich grazing on the mountains of Israel.

I myself will tend my flock,
I myself pen them in their fold,
says the Lord God.

I will search for the lost, recover the straggler,
bandage the hurt, strengthen the sick,
leave the healthy and strong to play,
and give them their proper food.