"No servant can be the slave of two masters;
for either he will hate the first and love the second,
or he will be devoted to the first and
think nothing of the second.
You cannot serve God and Money.

"Therefore I bid you put away anxious thoughts
about food and drink to keep you alive,
and clothes to cover your body.
Surely life is more than food,
the body more than clothes.

"Look at the birds of the air;
they do not sow and reap and store in barns,
yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
You are worth more than the birds!

"Is there a man of you who by anxious
thought can add a foot to his height?
And why be anxious about clothes?

"Consider how the lilies grow in the fields;
they do not work, they do not spin; and yet,
I tell you, even Solomon in all his splendour
was not attired like one of these.

"But if that is how God clothes the
grass in the fields, which is there today,
and tomorrow is thrown on the stove,
will he not all the more clothe you?

"How little faith you have!
No, do not ask anxiously,
'What are we to eat? What are we to drink?
What shall we wear?'

"All these are things for the heathen to run after,
not for you, because your heavenly Father
knows that you need them all.

"Set your mind on God's kingdom and his
justice before every thing else,
and all the rest will come to you as well."