830 MARRIAGEGenesis 2, Matthew 19, and Ephesians 5, NEB
The Lord God said,
"It is not good for the man to be alone.
I will provide a partner for him."

The Lord God then built up the rib,
which he had taken out of the man,
into a woman.
He brought her to the man,
and the man said:

"Now this, at last—
bone from my bones,
flesh from my flesh!
this shall be called woman,
for from man was this taken."

"For this reason a man shall leave
his father and mother,
and be made one with his wife;
and the two shall become one flesh.

"It follows that they are no longer two individuals:
they are one flesh.
What God has joined together,
man must not separate."

Be subject to one another
out of reverence for Christ.

Wives, be subject to your husbands
as to the Lord;
for the man is the head of the woman,
just as Christ also is the head of the church.

Husbands, love your wives,
as Christ also loved the church
and gave himself up for it,
to consecrate it,
cleansing it by water and word,
so that he might present the church
to himself all glorious,
with no stain or wrinkle
or anything of the sort,
but holy and without blemish.

In the same way
men also are bound to love their wives,
as they love their own bodies.
In loving his wife a man loves himself.
For no one ever hated his own body:
on the contrary, he provides and cares for it.
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